Gibraltar Amateur Radio Society



An annual DX event, initiated in the 1990's as part of the "Lightouse On The Air" challenge, providing over 1000 QSOs during the 3rd weekend of August. Operators cover a myriad of modes and HF and VHF bands, including the ISS and Q100 transponder satellite. The Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society (ARLHS) number of the lighthouse is GIB-001.

The Lighthouse at Europa Point, also known as the "Trinity Lighthouse" and the "Victoria Tower", had its foundation stone laid on 26th April 1838 with military and masonic honours. The inauguration ceremony on 1st August 1841, was witnessed by about 10,000 people. The tower has a height of 20 metres and is 49 metres above the High-water mark. In 1864, the single-wick lamp was replaced with a Chance Brothers four wick burner. In 1875 and 1894, the lighthouse was further upgraded to improve the amount of light enitted. In 1905, the tower saw the inclusion of a three incandescent mantle burner. In 1994 the lighthouse was modernized to include 20th Century technology and in 2016 it was convereted to LED.

During the month of May 2023, the society had the honour and privilege to participate in issuing a limited QSL card to celebrate the Coronation of His Majesty, King Charles III, King of UK and Gibraltar. We are ever grateful to those members who participated during the whole month, especially ZB2GI who managed to make over 1000 QSOs worldwide, through SSB, FT8 and SSTV.

Gibraltar had the pleasure of hosting the 2019 Island Games (6-12 July). 24 islands from across Europe, South Atlantic and the Caribbean participate in these Games where many sportpersons have the opportunity to compete in various catergories and sports, including Ten-pin bowling, Triathlon, Basketball and Swimming. During these games, Jersey won 33 Gold medals followed by the Isle of Man with 29. The callsign was broadcast throughout the duration of the Island Games, in various modes and bands.

Gibraltar was captured on 4th August 1704, by a 1800 strong, Anglo-Dutch force under the command of the Dutch Prince, George of Hesse-Dermstadt, during the war of Spanish Succession. It was not until 1713 under the terms of the Treaty of Utrecht that Gibraltar was ceded to Britain by Spain in perpetuity. Spain unfortunately, has never accepted its defeat and continues to make failed and futile sovereignty claims over the Rock. The Gibraltarians are proud to belong to the British family of overseas territories and have supported British endeavours through thick and thin. In 1967, the people of Gibraltar participated in a referendum, stating their overwhelming desire to remain under the British Crown. In 1969, Gibraltar recieved its Constitution, to which Spain strongly objected and all land, sea and telecommunications where cut. In 2002, the British government proposed Spain to share sovereignty over Gibraltar, to which the Governmnet of Gibraltar strongly opposed and rejected in a refrendum by an overwhelming 98.97% of the population.